An island hangs mid frame topped by a small cloud and growing from sea fog. In the foreground seven geese sit and stretch on the grass, between them and the island a clear blue sea.

After Eight

image: Gunnie Moberg D135/9/4 Faroe islands


We have just completed box eight here at the Gunnie Moberg Archive. That’s 4,000 slides digitised. Box eight took us to the Faroe Islands. Box number nine will keeps us in the Faroe Islands for a little bit longer then we’ll be heading back to Orkney again.

Gunnie Moberg co-authored the 2003 book The Faroe Islands with Liv Kjorsvik Schei, one of several books they published together. Box eight contains some of the photographs Gunnie made on her trips to Faroe for the book. Here are eight of them.

Gunnie Moberg reflects herself in the full length window , in a long skirt and steadying herself to take the photograph, she makes herself into an 'A' shape.
image: Gunnie Moberg D135/8/385 Self portrait Faroe islands

A crisp white church with slate steeple sits at the foot of a sharp steep mountain, spire and peak echo each other.
image: Gunnie Moberg D135/8/331 Viðareiði

The stripes of a road crossing give a monochrome base of the colour of this Faroese street scene where national dress and modern clothes brush past.
image: Gunnie Moberg D135/8/365

Deep blue sea and gathering blue clouds are separated by rich blue islands on the horizon
image:Gunnie Moberg D135/8/398

In the water below the coloured shapes of roofs and the black and white of gable ends, three boys punt on a homemade raft.
image:Gunnie Moberg D135/8/450 Gjógv

Man and wife, he in Faroese hat and she in white rubber boots, discuss the drying of the harvested grass. They stand on the left hand of the frame and the grass net and frame dominate the image. Elsewhere the green grass grows all around, strips of earlier harvests visible.
image:Gunnie Moberg D135/8/447 Gjógv 1989

A lady in dark coat and bright shoes makes the climb up the steep tarmaced hill, in her had a carrier bag. Clinging the roadside are faroese houses, black and dramatic with bright coloured roofs.
image:Gunnie Moberg D135/8/443 Gjógv 1989

In a meadow beside a stone dyke a rotting boat is piled with wood. The boat is propped up, someone is looking after it. The winding wall leads us into the distance to high mist shrouded hills.
image:Gunnie Moberg D135/8/409 Gásadalur 1990

And here is the first one from box number nine.

A small round church with central steeple defiantly stands on a small patch of land inches aaway from the sea. The congregation are leaving, a conversation is happening at the door.
image:Gunnie Moberg D135/9/1 Octagonal Church Haldarsvík

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