In this black and white aerial photograph, a huge stone X sits like a kiss at the end of a love letter on the rough moorland.

An antidote to indifference

image Gunnie Moberg circa 1979 Sheep Bucht

Listeners to BBC Radio Orkney this morning heard Amy Liptrot talk to Robbie Fraser about how a Gunnie Moberg photograph piqued her curiosity. One of the photographs in Stone Built of a sheep bucht in Firth, Orkney, sparked something in writer and stone dyker Amy. Amy wrote up her experience in the recent Island issue of the literary magazine Antidote to indifference. Letting an image move you and impel you to action, that is an antidote to indifference, just like making the image was in the first place.


Click below to listen to her desire to find the ‘stone kiss’ and its subsequent restoration, and find Amy’s photographs here.

Thank you to BBC Radio Orkney for this link.

 The story starts at 27 mins 20 secs into the programme.




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