A road shored up with concrete blocks cuts diagonally across the frame, either side is a dark tone of sea. On this causeway a trck appears in the bottom left of the frame. The most noticeable part of the trcuk is the circles of the wheels, their roundness contrasting with the sharp edges of the blocks. The dark shadowy sides of the blocks meet bright sunlit sides, their strong shapes set against the soft texture of a dark sea.


image: Gunnie Moberg Churchill Barrier from 1979 book Stone Built

‘Between the human and the natural’ an exhibition of portrait and landscape photography by Gunnie Moberg.

We are getting ready for the exhibition and Open Day at Stromness Library starting this Saturday. For this show we are gathering all the recent mini-exhibitions of Gunnie Moberg’s photography (6 Writers ; 3 Stone Circles; 3 Stone Lines; and White) that were on show at Orkney Library and Archive and showing them all in a larger exhibition at Stromness Library.

‘Between the human and the natural’ is an exhibition of portraits, including George Mackay Brown and Seamus Heaney, and Orkney landscapes including North Ronaldsay and Skara Brae. Gunnie’s aerial photographs, made from the Islander plane, bring a different way of seeing familiar Orkney monuments and sometimes document a lost landscape such as the Sheep Fort at Ruskholm off Westray.

The title of the exhibition, chosen to encompass the range of the artist’s work, is taken from the 2006 book of Gunnie’s photographs ‘Orkney’. Writer Duncan McLean, in his introduction to the book, describes the ‘to and fro’ of Orkney ‘between the people and the place, between human nature and nature wild’…’and that is where you find Gunnie…between the human and the natural’.

A man in a light blue polo neck and camel cardigan browses a book beside the reference section of Stromness Library.

image: Gunnie Moberg
In Gunnie’s slide cabinet in a sleeve marked Stromness we found this slide of Stromness Library. Might this be John Broom browsing the reference section? John Broom was the previous owner of Stromness Boook & Prints, now run by Tam, Gunnie’s husband.

The exhibition starts on Saturday 18 January with an Open Day where visitors will be able to discover more about the contents of the Gunnie Moberg Archive, and also of the process of creating this digital archive. We will be showing the film ‘Gunnie’ and bringing along boxes of prints for people to browse as well as documents and diaries from her working life. There will be a chance to look through Gunnie’s published books and newspaper clippings spanning her artistic career and Gunnie’s trusty Olympus OM1 will be there.

The Open Day will be held upstairs in the gallery room at Stromness Library on Saturday 18 January from 12 noon until 4pm. The exhibition will run from that day until Wednesday 5 February.

Stromness Library, Hellihole Road, is open Monday to Thursday 2pm to 7pm, Fridays 2pm to 5pm and Saturdays from 11am to 5pm.

Poster for exhibition with image of causeway running diagonal across a sea, a lorry on the causeway carries bricks that look like small versions of the blocks that line the Churchill barrier. Image is reflected below making the diagonal become a chevron.

Please note that the exhibition will close half an hour early on Tuesday 21 Jan and 4 Februray for the Writing Group.

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