Gunnie's well worn camera case, scuffed around the edges.

Worn well

Gunnie Moberg’s cameras are now part of her archive. The kit has travelled and bears the scuffs of years of active service. The OM1 camera case pictured above looks like the face of one of the seals Gunnie photographed. You can see the worn edges of the case where it has rubbed against her as she walked and walked,  and where the  case was lifted on and off for shot after shot. The lenses carry scars from knocks, distinguishing marks that make them unique, and the metal body of the Olympus has been held so many times that there is a polish to the edge.

Gunnie's camera lens shoing a bash on the side.Gunnie’s trusty 28mm lens

Gunnie worked in a pre-digital age, running real film through her fingers to load the camera – the same film that we have today in the archive. There is something special about objects that have been held and used, and for the archive to have the cameras that took the photographs, well that’s special.

Close up of the shutter button on Gunnie's Olympus OM1 camera. Gunnie’s Olympus OM1

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