An aerial black and white photograph of oat stacks9 sit in two rows, the low sun casts a dark shadow from each stack and they look loke buttons on a military jacket.

Across time

IMAGE: Gunnie Moberg Aerial photograph, Orkney circa 1979

The Gunnie Moberg Archive sits in the wider photographic collections of the Orkney Library and Archive. One of the photographers that inhabits that space with Gunnie is Tom Kent. Kent and Moberg might not share time but they certainly share place. Both artists document their vision of Orkney culture, the places, faces and happenings. More on Tom Kent here. Here both have photographed the Orkney landscape at harvest time and if you listen you can hear these images speaking to each other across time.

A row of six conical oat stacks, sculptural, proud, stand in a field fenced in by a dry stone dyke, its right angle in the centre of the image.

Tom Kent, Dale Farm, Harray, Orkney, Winners of the 1930 Stack competition TK1383

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