A man stands dwarfed by the gigantic fish he has caught. The vast white underside of a halibut takes up more than half of the frame of this portrait.

Catch of the day

Gunnie Moberg: Mr Wood and Halibut

Today’s special is this marvellous photograph from Stromness, circa 1980.

This is your starter intended to stir your appetite for the main dish……

From December 6 to January 31 you will be able to feast on many Gunnie Moberg photographs in an exhibition at Tankerness House, Orkney Museum, Kirkwall.

The exhibition ‘Gunnie Moberg: In print’ is a celebration of the artist’s publishing career focussing on several publications that bookend Gunnie’s photographic collection – from the first book ‘Stone Built’ (1979) to ‘The Shetland Isles’ (2006) along with photographs from other books including the entire portfolio of plates from ‘Stone’ (1987) the beautiful hand-printed rare book.

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