Sign Sing

One of the special things about working with an archive is seeing the person reveal themselves among the material. Gunnie Moberg’s handwriting feels very present, as if she has written it just that moment, ink not quite dry.

Picture 031

Today in the strongroom I came across a note from Gunnie, perhaps to herself, it has cup rings and a torn edge. I think it helps me think about what makes her vision of Orkney so important. It was her recollection of the artist Paul Klee’s quote:

‘Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.’

Obituaries have mentioned Gunnie’s generous approach to spelling and her peculiar use of idioms, such as ‘mañana from heaven’ and ‘eating like a horse on fire’. I look forward to finding more about this side of the artist as I catalogue, and we will be sure to retain Gunnie Moberg’s own spellings so that others can enjoy them too.

Picture 027

I came across a box of prints and on it the artist had practiced her signature perhaps, it read Sign Sing.

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