A rock cliff solid in the left hand of the frame is home to hundreds of seabirds, beneath the firmness of the rock swils white spume of a quick dark sea.

övärldens skildrare: the portrayal of the island world

Swedish photographer and writer Mattias Lundblad, based in Connecticut, found himself in Edinburgh with some time to kill between flights. Browsing gallery listings he was intrigued by the Swedish sounding name Gunnie Moberg, showing at Stills Gallery.

Here for VERK tidskrift, the Swedish online photography journal, Mattias brings Gunnie’s work home to Sweden in a piece titled ‘övärldens skildrare’: the portrayal of the island world.


VERK tidskrift is a digital publication with lens based art as its core focus. The publication aims to highlight achievements and currents within the field and stresses dialogue and new art encounters. VERK tidskrift is founded by Linda Bergman (editor in chief) and Susanne Fessé (publisher).

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