Black and white aerial photograph showing Stromness waterfront and pointing out into the sea, the arrow head shape of the Pole Star pier

Among her piers

A project by Stromness Museum celebrating the piers of Stromness features the work of Gunnie Moberg. ‘Listening to the Piers’ is an exhibition in the foyer of Stromness Museum on until the end of December. The project is documented in the dedicated website here.

Gunnie  photographed around the piers of Stromness making images for her books on Orkney and artworks for exhibition. She also photographed above the piers, documenting the geometric shoreline from the air. Gunnie lived in Stromness soon after arriving in Orkney in 1976, moving to Outertown, Stromness where she traded the piers for her garden. The family lived on the Double Houses pier when they had 4 Ness Road.

our house-Edit

loganair over stromness edit







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