Lullaby for Lucy

The Hoy Max show at  Hoy Kirk heritage Centre featuring Gunnie’s portraits of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies is extended. The exhibition concentrating on Max’s 28 years living in Rackwick, Hoy will now run to the end of July. We are grateful to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Voices for allowing us to share this performance of Max’s Lullaby for Lucy at Hoy Kirk during this year’s St Magnus Festival.


It was the place Max was looking for, he liked it instinctively. By the time he arrived, there was just one farmer left on the island, Jack Rendall, a bachelor in his fifties. So the future of Hoy depended on this very tenuous thread – a lonely bachelor. Then Jack met a girl, an English girl visiting the island. They married, and Lucy came along in due course. She was the first child to be born on Hoy for over half a century, so we decided to do a little piece for her. I wrote the lyric, Lullaby for Lucy, and Max did the music. He used all the white notes,symbolising the innocence of childhood. It’s a very popular piece. – George Mackay Brown The Independent 9 July 1994


photographs: Gunnie Moberg


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