A Swedish Orcadian

The Orcadian have recently A Swedish Orcadian: images from the published works of Gunnie Moberg – a book of books…

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A Swedish Orcadian features the photographic work of the late Gunnie Moberg.

Born in Sweden, Moberg moved to Orkney in 1976 and created an outstanding photographic archive of the northern landscapes of Orkney, Shetland and the Faroe Islands.

A Swedish Orcadian visits fifteen books she published with selected photographs, letters, newspaper clippings and reviews.

With aerial photographs of archaeological sites and coastlines and close studies of stones on the shoreline, the selected photographs show her attention to line and light at any scale. Moberg’s portraits of artists and writers show the cultural significance of her collection.

A Swedish Orcadian offers an insight into the work of a remarkable photographer and the simplicity and beauty that she saw in the north. Many of her books are now out of print and one edition can fetch four figure sums at auction.


Gunnie Moberg was involved with many books over the course of her career. A Swedish Orcadian borrows from fifteen of them. Six images are taken from each book, along with reviews, letters and other archive material. Here is a sample.

From Stone Built 1979

From The Orkney Story 1985

From Loom of Light 1986

From Stone 1987


From Celebration for Magnus 1987

From Portrait of Orkney 1988


From The Shetland Story 1988


From A Bit of Crack and Car Culture 1990

From The Faroe Islands 1991


From Orkney Pictures & Poems 1996



From Orcades 1998


From The Islands of Orkney 2000

From St Magnus Festival A Celebration 2002

From Orkney 2006


From The Shetland Isles 2006



144 pages. Over 100 images. 16 Texts. Introduction by Howie Firth. 24cm x 28cm. Soft cover.

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