A window on the archive

D135/14/155 Window at Bunnertoon, Rackwick, Hoy, undated

Today at the Gunnie Moberg Archive we have a new volunteer. We are very pleased to welcome Tricia Marwick, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, to Orkney Library and Archive. Gunnie’s work is well known around the Scottish Parliament, thirteen of her photographs are held in their permanent art collection.

Tricia is scanning some slides from a box Gunnie marked simply ‘Max’. They are of her friend Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, composer, previous Master of the Queen’s Music, but better known in Orkney as one of the founders of the St Magnus Festival and as someone who threw a good party in Rackwick. These slides scanned by Tricia show Max at his window in Bunnertoon, the derelict croft he moved to in the early 1970s, situated high on the hill above Rackwick, Hoy. The croft is the last house on the way to the Old Man of Hoy.

We are handing over to Tricia now:

Great privilege to handle these precious slides. Thanks to the award winning Orkney Library and Archive. Tricia M xx

D135/14/156 Peter Maxwell Davies composing at the window, dated 1977

D135/14/157 Max and Tam MacPhail, Gunnie’s husband, outside Bunnertoon, undated

D135/14/158 Max at the fireside, Bunnertoon, dated 1977

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