Portrait of Gunnie in t-shirt with slogan 'Greenpeac Save the seals'


Gunnie Moberg has been nominated in the Saltire Society Outstanding Women of Scotland 2015 list.

And Gunnie Moberg will be featured in the March of Women on 7th March 2015, a procession of women starting from Glasgow Women’s Library and out into the streets to celebrate the achievements of women in a staged performance piece.

Above photograph of Gunnie Moberg taken by her son Paul and chosen by Gunnie for her author’s portrait for the book ‘The Orkney Story’ published by Batsford in 1985 co-authored with Liv Schei.

One thought on “Outstanding

  1. hello, great…..Gunnie deserves to be nominated as Outstanding….by the Saltire Society. However she was not a feminist and I doubt she would have joined in the march. From her friend Siggie

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