A figure strides betwen two sections of a shipwrecked boat, he is dwarfed by its size. People gather to look at the debris, the white stripe of the boats hull leads you into the sentre of the image.

Dangerous shores

This photograph was part of the recent exhibition at Orkney Museum. The title Gunnie Moberg gave to her image is ‘Dangerous Shores’. One exhibition visitor wanted to know more and made enquiries at the Orkney Library and Archive who in turn made enquiries at the Highland Archive Centre.

We know the boat was wrecked in 1980 at Warebeth, outside Stromness. She was Inverness registered (INS) and INS309 was otherwise known as ‘Marandra’. Further research from the friendly people at Ships Nostalgia garnered more info. The 1979 Olsen’s Almanack has her listed as built 1955 at Peterhead, 53ft long and owned by John C. Gault & James C. Gault, Lossiemouth.

That’s the vessel named but who are the people? We have had a few suggestions.
Frank Kent, a retired Headmaster from Westray, may be the man walking the shore path but seemingly striding between the two halves of the boat. Another thought was that he might be a minister given the proximity of the wreck to the cemetery.

We came across another photograph by Gunnie of ‘Marandra’ taken earlier when she was stricken but whole.

A fishing boat leans into the sea beached.

Thank you to Highland Archives, Colin K, Tommy Kirkpatrick and Ship Nostalgia.

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