This aerial shot of Maeshowe dusted with snow and thrown into 3D by the low winter sun, looks like a limpet clinging to a beach rock.

Walkie Talkie

Gunnie Moberg: Maeshowe circa 1978

To mark the close of the current exhibition at Orkney Museum, there will be a free gallery tour of ‘Gunnie Moberg In Print: The photographer and her books’.

Tom Muir, Exhibitions Officer for Orkney Islands Council and Rebecca Marr from the Gunnie Moberg Archive at the Orkney Library and Archive will lead a tour of the exhibition concentrating on the series of photographs from ‘Stone Built’.

These images of some of Orkney’s popular archaeology sites were made in the late 1970s when Gunnie Moberg came to the county. The photographs represent the artist’s earliest aerial investigation of the coastline and can be read as a love letter to her new homeland. Rebecca Marr of the Gunnie Moberg Archive will talk about the photographs and the photographer while Tom Muir, exhibitions officer for Orkney Museums, will draw out the stories in the images.

Rebecca explained the thinking behind the talk: ‘There is a lot revealed in these photographs. On one level they are artworks, beautifully constructed by a skilled and intuitive artist, and on another level they are stories and important documents of social history.’

Tom added: ‘This has been a popular exhibition and we hope that a gallery tour will give people a last chance to enjoy the exhibition and perhaps discover something extra about the photographs.’

The exhibition in the Orkney Museum, Tankerness House, runs until Saturday January 31 with the gallery tour at 2pm that day. The event is free and no booking is necessary.

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