Swans crowd the foreground of a snowy blue scene of the white hills of Hoy

Swan vista

Gunnie Moberg Swans on Stenness loch

Winter has made herself known in Orkney this week.

We happen to have opened a box of photographic prints from the Gunnie Moberg Archive with these two ice studies.

A sepia image of ice in curling patterns drawn towards a clump of a plant.

Gunnie Moberg: images of ice scanned from test prints

A frozen puddle traps air beneath the surface creates an ice drawing.

And these three ice picks are well known images of Gunnie’s. They appear in Pictures & Poems.

Small pebbles trapped in clear ice are ringed with white whisping ice.            seven white chrysanthymum type flower heads sit on frozen water, the water has thawed a long shape in the middle and two petals float with the flower heads on the free water, the remaining ice creates lines like frozen ripples

Gunnie Moberg. Left: Pebbles in ice, Right: Flowers on ice. Below: Swans on a frozen loch

Six swans walk tall on a frozen loch.

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