Orkney shore

all images Gunnie Moberg

Gunnie Moberg was a shore walker, dwelling on individual stones on her chosen path. Gunnie chose the Hoy-facing shoreline between Stromness and her home, Don, in Outertown.

The shore at Warebeth was examined in detail by the artist during an intense spell of focus on stones and shorelines during the 1980s. These images are celebrated in the limited edition publication Stone (Duval & Hamilton 1987) where Gunnie’s photographs are presented with poems by George Mackay Brown.

Although the stretch of coast is defined, the shore itself is a shifting space, sometimes vast, sometimes narrow. A magical zone belonging neither to sea or land but claimed by both.

More on these thoughts later. We’ve been thinking about Gunnie’s shore work in particular as it was the subject of a paper at the Creative Orkney conference. To coincide with the event we have put on a short exhibition of five of Gunnie Moberg’s shore works. This runs until the 1st of October on the first floor in the Orkney Library and Archive.

Here is a running gallery of a selection of the stone and shore photographs from today’s presentation.

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