Fishing nets dry in the wind on a washing line. A fishing community's version of sheets drying on the line.

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 image: Gunnie Moberg Fishing nets, Out Skerries, Shetland. This is one of the images held at the Scottish Parliament


More from the 24 Islands 24 Hours project. This time Gunnie Moberg takes us to Shetland or maybe you are already there.

Images of the particpating Shetland islands from the Gunnie Moberg Archive, mostly from box 7.

The curve of an open water gathering pipe leads off down hill. Circular water system, Bruray Hill, East Isle, Shetland


An evening settles over a harbour with boats nestled in dark hills. West Burra


A white washed cottage sits overlooking the sea with sialnds on the horizon, sheep graze in the foregound. East Burra


D135-7-71Fetlar  Fetlar


People gather on the hill to cut peat, bright couloured agricultural feed bags line the bank ready to be filled against the deep colour of the peat. Whalsay


A man and woman stop and turn to the camera behind them the coureggated iron roof of a shed meet anothe iron roof and joins with the black roof of a house, the shapes and angles are emphasised by the steep road they stand on. Delting, Mainland


A ship figurehead stretches herself up to a blue sky dotted with white clouds. Yell


A rock cliff solid in the left hand of the frame is home to hundreds of seabirds, beneath the firmness of the rock swils white spume of a quick dark sea. Unst


A dark moorland looking peat rich and a low hill in the background with a loch at its feet. Bressay


A happy man strides through his harvest, hay stacks pile aroudn his field. They look like they have been stacked by hand, irregular but beautiful piles. Tammy Isbister, Trondra


A blue scene, we are high on a hill looking down over water and rock cropped moorland, but the subject of this image is a strange jutting stone, a large, litchen covered sandstone surveying the scene. Muckle Roe


On a cliff edge a woman with red hair in a red jumper and red striped apron stoops to spill the content of her yellow bucket, scraps for the lambs and the gulls circle to share the spoil. Bird Observatory, Fair Isle
















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