A figure strides betwen two sections of a shipwrecked boat, he is dwarfed by its size. People gather to look at the debris, the white stripe of the boats hull leads you into the sentre of the image.

24 islands 24 hours

image: Gunnie Moberg. This photograph appears in Gunnie Moberg’s book with George Mackay Brown Pictures and Poems


An ambitious programme of library events is about to sweep across Orkney and Shetland from this Thursday 11 September.

No sleep til Friday – it’s 24 islands in 24 hours.

To celebrate the island hopping events the Gunnie Moberg Archive offers up images of each of the participating islands – how many collections do you imagine could do such a thing?

Gunnie Moberg was drawn to islands and Orkney Library and Archive’s Twitter will be releasing a different image of a different island every hour.

Follow them and you too can visit 24 islands in 24 hours. For a full programme of events click here.

Today we will travel the participating islands in Orkney, tomorrow let’s go to Shetland.

All images: Gunnie Moberg

Sheep rub on the standing stones of Stenness under a low sky. Stenness, Mainland Orkney

Swans crowd the foreground of a snowy blue scene of the white hills of Hoy The hills of Hoy

Aerial photograph of a causeway stretching betwen two green islands, a white beach reaches off to the right top hand corner of the image and in the sea rusts a massive hulk of a blockship. Barrier 3 with Burray at the bottom of the photograph

The darkness of the top and bottom of this image is cut through by the luminous alter at the Italian Chapel, light from the curved wall window picking up detail of the decorated chapel. The interior of the Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm

Aerial photograph of a road cutting through a mound, a long stratigh road lit warmly by the low sun. Shapinsay road cut through a glacial mound

The orange circle of a full lobster basket dominates this image with a dark curve of a deck framing the two fisherfolk. Westray lobsters

Aerial photograph of the pier at Sanday reaching its limb out into the sea, an arm ready to catch boats. Kettletoft pier, Sanday

Two men, a young lad and one older, stare ahead out of the pilot house of their boat. Rousay route

In a green field a man paints a giant white chevron, it is the island airport runway. Eday airport maintenance

Aerial view of stone dykes close to the coast, boxes in varying shapes and shades of green. North Ronaldsay punds

A cart of boxes filled with shop goods, loo rolls round and white, apples round and red, all in a blue crate being hauled by a hand. Papay Coop delivery

Hoops of wartime architecture crawl along the skyline, in the distance the high pipe of Flotta's Flare burning. Flotta Flare and Z battery

A line of boys sit with their brightly painted miniature ploughs, they are waiting to be judged. Festival of the horse, South Ronaldsay








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