delicate cream flowers sway ghostily in this double exposure image. The image shows the artist's notes about the photograph including framing instructions.

Gunnie in her garden

image:Gunnie Moberg from her later series of flower portraits using double exposures made at her garden at Don, Outertown, Stromness.

Following the last post, thank you to Tern TV for allowing us to share this clip from a 2003 episode of The Beechgrove Garden when the TV programme visited Gunnie Moberg in her garden at Don, Outertown, Stromness, Orkney.

5 thoughts on “Gunnie in her garden

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  3. Sometimes we’d kick a ball around and you’d see Mum get tied up in knots – delighted that her adult sons were home at Don and having a bit of fun but uncharacteristically a nervous and anxious tangle every time the ball went anywhere near any of her precious plants.

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