Shapes spread out on wired boards, sheep skins curing in the wind, propped up against a building. One brown sheepskin on a wooden frame pulls the attention, beside the white ones it looks liek a bearskin.

Hanging out in Shetland

image above: Gunnie Moberg D135/7/38


Box number 7 is now complete. The seventh box of 500 Gunnie Moberg slides has been digitised.

And what a box it was. In it we travelled from Orkney to Shetland. Meriel, who volunteers here at the Gunnie Moberg Archive, had never been to Shetland before Box 7 so we asked to share some of the images she discovered on her journey. Here are Meriel’s seven from Box 7.

A sheep stands her ground in a Shetland field, she is white and brown and has a comically sweet face.  image: Gunnie Moberg D135/7/26

A man in a high shed works his way down a path of orange fishing net, mending  it. Behind shelves hold bundled nets in white and orange.  image: Gunnie Moberg D135/7/261


A small tribe of hens work their way through a meadow of pink and yellow flowers.  image: Gunnie Moberg D135/7/102


In the dim light black rocks in the sea give way to land with white wind turbines clinging the ridge, hovering above in the dark sy is a shadow of a rainbow coloured cloud.  image: Gunnie Moberg D135/7/294


Two fulmars face each other and engage in an animated exchange.   image: Gunnie Moberg D135/7/203


Sunset in Shetland, black shapes, water and low in the sky an orange sun throwing a long orange column on the water.  image: Gunnie Moberg D135/7/50


Up Hellya in Shetland. Black figures stand in a circle holding flaming torches in a red glow. Shadows and silhouettes.  image: Gunnie Moberg D135/7/299

If you would like to see more of Gunnie Moberg’s Shetland images and find out more about the culture and history of the island group seek out The Shetland Isles by Liv Kjorsvik Schei & Gunnie Moberg (Colin Baxter 2006). There is a copy in the Orkney Room here at the Orkney Library & Archive along with copies of Gunnie’s other collaborations with Liv – The Orkney Story; Orkney; The Shetland Story & The Faroe Islands.


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