In this black and white image the shapes are solid black shadows creating the space between and under things, broken walls and arches.

Go West

image: Gunnie Moberg. Noltland Castle Westray


‘Response’ the exhibition was responded to by Sandy at West Manse in Westray, who asked if the show could tour to the island.

Today the box containing the exhibition was collected from Orkney Library and Archive and is on its way over to Westray.

Sandy noted some of the student’s connections to the island and of course Gunnie was an unstoppable hoppable islander.

Just this week we have been scanning slides taken all over the islands for the 2000 publication ‘The Islands of Orkney’ with Liv Schei (pub. Colin Baxter).

The exhibition will be on show at West Manse  through June. Open everyday between 2 & 4pm.

Also on show at the moment is the art students end of year show at Orkney College.


Exhibition poster showing poppies sunlit lie on top of each other, transluscent petals overlapping in a double exposure.

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