A tufted sand dune reaches up to a clouded blue sky

Every picture a story

Gunnie Moberg: Dune, Sanday D135/5/310

We were delighted here at the Gunnie Moberg Archive when poet and teacher Yvonne Gray contacted us to say that Sanday Community School wanted to use some of Gunnie’s images as a source of inspiration for the school’s annual writing competition. We have been speaking to teachers about using the wealth of the Gunnie Moberg Archive and they were very positive and creative about how they might use the photographs in their schools. So we are especially pleased to hear about Sanday’s plans.

Yvonne explained the competition to us:

Gunnie’s photographs will be the inspiration for piece of new writing, whether prose or poetry, from all the pupils in the school.

Eight images, selected by Head Teacher Rosemary Newton, were narrowed down to five from which the pupils, aged from five to sixteen, can choose. The competition was launched at a school assembly on Friday 23 May. A PowerPoint presentation was used to give pupils information about Gunnie and her work and about the new archive before the five chosen images were revealed. These will be on display in the school until the the competition closing date on Wednesday 18 June.
The competition is judged anonymously outwith the school and is divided into three age groups for Primary 1-3, Primary 4-7 and Secondary. The winners are announced and their entries read at the final assembly of the year on the last day of the summer term.

Here are the chosen five….


An aerial view of a cliff with sea birds, Marwick Head, Birsay. One bird swoops on the left of the image while crowds of them sit in the rock face. Waves and dark blue sea below, the cliffs a marbled grey, the birds black.


Shopping Week Queen Teresa and her attendants look on as a giant goose takes the stage


man diving into the harbour, his head hits the water and it looks like he is standing on his head

In this black and white aerial ophotograph, a huge stone X sits like a kiss at the end of a love letter on the rough moorland.

A shed is encrusted with shells in repeated patterns. Scallop shells give bold rectangular frames and a central circular design. In the house's only window hang three tiny lifebelts.

Maybe we can publish the winning entries from the Sanday pupils here on the blog.

Gunnie Moberg was drawn to poets and writers, we have a collection of portraits that she made over the years. Some of them feature in the next exhibition ‘They All Come To Me’, it is a show of portraits of visiting and local artists taken during the St Magnus Festival.

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