Two weighty golden haybales lie in the foreground of a newly harvested field, the field appears striped and dotted with haybales in the distance, far off two telegpaph poles peirce the skyline, all this shape and form under a blue sky filled with rising clouds

One in a thousand

image:D135/2/500 Gunnie Moberg 2006

This slide is the thousandth one in a million. Well, at least one in several more thousand. This week we filled box number two and this slide is D135/2/500 – identifying it as the last slide in the second box of the Gunnie Moberg Archive. Each box holds 500 slides so this is the thousandth.

And what a wonderful,seasonally responsive image. Mirroring the fields around Orkney right now, here are the fields of Orkney in 2006. This harvest image is one of Gunnie Moberg’s later photographs. Gunnie’s photography spans three decades of Orkney culture, and agriculture is at the heart of much of her work.

So as we continue the harvest of Gunnie Moberg images it is good lean up against a haybale and take a moment to look back at what has been achieved so far – one thousand images digitally archived. We would like to thank Robin, who has been volunteering here at the Gunnie Moberg Archive, for the many hours he put in to get us this far. We are ready now to start a new archival storage box and that is a great feeling.

Here are a couple more of the images from the slide sheet Gunnie marked ‘Sheep and Farming’.

A pair of young collie dogs have comically squeezed themselves through a hole in a chalky blue farm door, two heads and four paws. One dog looks eagerly straight into the camera, the other looks off its left.<
image above: D135/3/9 Gunnie Moberg 1999

Stretching across the image at an angle is a long line of high piled haybales wrapped in black and pale green plastic.

image above: Gunnie Moberg D135/3/8

A family portrait of a ewe and her triplets, the three lambs forma traingle as they clamber for attention, the ewe nuzzles the smallest of the lambs. The heathery moor is dark against the bright new fleeces.

image above: Gunnie Moberg D135/3/18

A conical stone kiln dominates the image of a farm courtyard, a chimney rises up out of the old kiln. Shadows and the composition of the image draws attention to the shapes of the buildings and the solid feel of the stonework.

image above: D135/2/492 Gunnie Moberg 1999

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