a sun sets or rises pale yellow behind a group of silhouetted wild plants

Five hundred

image: Gunnie Moberg D135/1/500

This image is particularly significant for us here at the Gunnie Moberg Archive. It is number D135/1/500.

D135 is the reference for all Gunnie Moberg images, a neat happenchance as 135 film (35mm) was the photographer’s chosen medium. The second part of the sequence – 1 – means that this slide is in box number 1. The last part – 500 – means that this slide is the five hundredth one in box number 1.

Each slide is scanned at a high resolution, numbered, stored digitally and then the slide is catalogued, listing the content of the image, any information about where it was taken and any associated date. We also include information about the box or slide holder that Gunnie originally stored the slide in. This is done so that in the future if someone is researching Gunnie Moberg’s artistic process they can locate where that slide was stored by the artist and what slide it was stored next to. This gives the slide context.

Each box holds five hundred slides, so we are now on to box number 2. And for us here at the archive that is a big deal!

2 thoughts on “Five hundred

    • Well there are fifteen other archival storage boxes on the shelves ready to be filled, but with the estimated number of slides and negatives in the collection we will maybe need a fair few more boxes. We are grateful for the assistance of Robin who volunteers on the Gunnie Moberg Archive project and likes to scan at least 30 slides a day. Come along to the Open Day at Orkney Library & Archive on Friday 6 September and you can see something of the process.

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