Happy Stromness Shopping Week!

image: Gunnie Moberg 1981
It’s the time for year for Odd man outing, Three-legged beer racing, Doughnut eating and Daft rafting.

Stromness Shopping Week is in its 66th year this time round. Gunnie photographed the activities around Shopping Week including the dressed floats and walkers on the parade.

Here’s one we dug out of the archive to celebrate Shopping Week. It is 1981 and the Shopping Week Queen is Teresa Swanney!

The event was started in 1949 by the newly formed Stromness and West Mainland Chamber of Commerce to attract shoppers to the burgh.  It was reported in the ‘Orcadian’ at the time that 4000 people turned out to watch the Saturday night parade and the streets had been decorated with 900 flags. Taken from the Stromness Shopping Week website.

man diving into the harbour, his head hits the water and it looks like he is standing on his head
image: Gunnie Moberg 1981

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