The artists Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Russian composer, and Viktoria Postnikova, Russian pianist, in dark raincoats, his back facing the camera and his head turned as he links arms with Viktoria who smiles eyes closed facing the camera hands in pockets.

They all come to me!

The St Magnus Festival is almost here. The festival was a big part of Gunnie Moberg’s calendar and she photographed many of the famous faces who came to Orkney for the festival. Gunnie once remarked:

Many picture editors have said to me ‘you must travel a lot to have such a big library of famous artists’ and I say ‘no, they all come to me!’

Read Gunnie’s recollections of being the eyes of the St Magnus Festival here.

Above image: Gunnie Moberg Russian conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky and Russian painist Viktori Postnikova

Below image: Gunnie Moberg Peter Maxwell Davies and Isaac Stern in St Magnus Cathdreal 1986
Peter Maxwell Davies looks at the sheet music on a lecturn being played by Isaac Stern on violin

Gunnie also photographed many of the poets and visual artists who came to Orkney to be part of the festival. An exhibition of these portraits was held at the Pier Arts Centre during the St Magnus Festival in 2012. This exhibition fulfils a wish expressed by Gunnie Moberg, ‘one day an interesting exhibition, I hope’.

Image below: Gunnie Moberg Poet Seamus Heaney 1982

Seamus Heaney in mid conversation, animated, head to one side, mouth and eyes smiling, drink in hand.

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