St Magnus Kirk on Egilsay photographed from the sky, a long shadow of the turret cuts across the kite shape creaed by the stone wall.

Look a little longer

On the site Photo Quotes you will find a quote by Gunnie Moberg sitting alphabetically somewhere between Duane Michals and Lazlo Maholy-Nagy.

Gunnie says: ‘I photograph things which I want to look at a little longer’.

This is noted as being said by Gunnie in an exhibition at The Corridor Gallery, Glenrothes in Fife. The quote can be turned round for the viewer, Gunnie’s photographs make us want to look a little longer at things. They tell us something we didn’t know, something else.

And if you are wondering what Lazlo said:
Photography when used as a representational art is not a mere copy of nature. This is proved by the rarity of the “good” photograph. Only now and then does one find really “good” photographs among the millions which appear in illustrated papers and books. What is remarkable in this end at the same time serves as a proof is that (after a fairly long visual culture) we always infallibly and with sure instinct discover the “good” photos, quite apart from the novelty or unfamiliarity of the thematic content. – Laszlo Moholy-Nagy –  1925 ‘Painting, Photography, Film’

And Duane:
I think photographs should be provocative and not tell you what you already know. It takes no great powers or magic to reproduce somebody’s face in a photograph. The magic is in seeing people in new ways. – Duane Michals, ‘More Joy of Photography’  Eastman Kodak

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