Writers Duncan McLean and Irvine Welsh arms round shoulders smiling at the camera

Many homes across these islands

We have just published Duncan McLean’s warm tribute to Gunnie Moberg, you can read the full obituary by clicking  here.

This image by Gunnie Moberg of Duncan McLean and fellow writer Irvine Welsh in 1993 is part of the collection held by the National Galleries of Scotland. They have three of Gunnie’s photographs, this one, one of poet Liz Lochhead and one of George Mackay Brown windswept holding Gypsy the black cat.

As Duncan McLean writes:

Her photos – many of them stunning aerial shots, but also semi-abstract close-ups of plants in the clifftop garden she created – are now held in collections such as the Scottish National Galleries, and the new Scottish Parliament.  But also in many homes across these islands.

 Which is only right, for Gunnie played a full part in the community here – despite being a thoroughly non-conformist individual.  She was unstintingly generous with her time, her salt-sprayed gardening skills, her pancake and anchovy cookery, her archive of photos.  Strikingly beautiful, with very Swedish blonde hair, electric-blue eyes, and a dazzling smile, it was really her character that warmed and illuminated us. 

This set us thinking about creating a new collection, a gathering together of people who have a Gunnie Moberg photograph in their homes. We want to hear what the photograph means to you, why you like it and we would like a photograph of you beside it. We will create an online gallery of the works and share the thoughts of the people who live every day looking at them. Please contact us here.

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