Slide mount reading 'Gunnie Moberg' handwritten in black pen, image on slide is of a primula scotica, a small opurplish pink primrose with three heads

Orkney’s Garden

Gunnie Moberg created a remarkable garden, not only remarkable for its artistry but also for its tenacity, thriving on the fringe, facing the North Atlantic. The plans for the garden at Don carefully drawn by Gunnie are part of the archive and will be a future focus. But for now Gunnie’s other garden, the one that Orkney offered her. Here are some of the slides that have been scanned and catalogued this week – Gunnie Moberg’s wild flowers.

a vast field of bog cotton, white and fluffy with sunlight creating a flare in the distance

image above: Gunnie Moberg Bog cotton D135/1/282

A dark sky broods over a field of ripening barley, a fencepost in the foreground is clustered about by red clover.

image above: Gunnie Moberg Red clover D135/1/250

Bluebells carpet a woodland

image above: Gunnie Moberg Bluebells, Woodwick House, Evie D135/1/219

Sead heads turning brown

image above: Gunnie Moberg Umbellifer D135/1/212

Dark glass vase of wild flowers with green grass as a background

image above: Gunnie Moberg Wild flower arrangement D135/1/309

a papery pale poppy starts to unfold

image above: Gunnie Moberg Poppy, Don D135/1/330

The poppy photograph is taken at Don, Gunnie’s home. It represents the mix of cultivated and wild flowers that featured in her gardening attitude. Similarly her arrangement of wild flowers in a vase seems to catch something of her blended boundaries. The images shown here are taken in the 1970’s and 1980’s, in Gunnie Moberg’s later work she made double exposures of flowers in her garden at Don perfectly expressing the doubling up of Gunnie the artist and Gunnie the gardener.

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