A young Gunnie sits with friends.

Bright young things

This image from 1964/65 is taken from the Richard Demarco online collection.

Gunnie Moberg is photographed here at the Traverse Theatre restaurant with an unidentified American student and Jim Haynes, founder of the Paperback Bookshop (1959) and co-founder of the Traverse Theatre (1963).  

Three people at a house party.

Jerry Wilson, Ursula Hauer and Sebastian Littmann in the Demarcos ‘ flat at 29 Frederick Street, Edinburgh. 1963. A rubbing by Gunnie Moberg on the right wall.

Richard Demarco also has this image from 1968.

Gunnie Moberg and Campbell (Tam) MacPhail with three of their four children, outside the RDG [Richard Demarco Gallery], 8 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh.

An exhibition of Tam MacPhail ‘s sculpture was held at RDG [Richard Demarco gallery] 6-20 July 1968.

Three of Tam's iron sculptures on plinths. They are photographed with long shadows.

Here is a rare opportunity to see some of Tam’s sculptures from the show in 1968.

Gunnie and Tam smiling at a busy exhibition opening, Mr Sandberg, in a bowtie looks towards Gunnie.

This photograph is titled: 22-26 October 1971. L-R: Gunnie Moberg, Campbell (Tam) MacPhail and Willem Sandberg (Director, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam) at the international arts festival ROSC 1971, in Dublin.

Below: July 1972. Gunnie Moberg (left) conducts a stone-rubbing class with Edinburgh Arts participants (including Paul Neagu, third from left) at the 8th century graveyard of Kilmartin church, Argyll, Scotland. Edinburgh Arts.

A group gather over a stone carved grave featuring a man in armour, Gunnie holds a big roll of paper.

Gunnie with short hair standing infront of a wall of cheques.

Gunnie stands in front of husband Tam Macphail’s work circa 1972. Richard Demarco recollects the piece, ‘Tam had received and spent an SAC grant and displayed the cheques as an artwork. The cheques could be purchased for the sum they displayed.’

All images shared with thanks to the Richard Demarco Archive.

Images from Richard Demarco Through the Lens here.

2 thoughts on “Bright young things

  1. Exciting to see Tam’s legendary ‘year of cheques’ exhibition. I see there are a couple of spaces: blank cheques?

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